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Entertainment might just not be the same without what it offers. It has such a huge base within it that a lot of genres can fit inside it. Whether you are talking about films, Tv Shows or Talent Programmes, it’s all a part of entertainment. Now, moving further into categories, there are outdoor and indoor types. When mentioning outdoor, film making, photo walks, are all a part of the entertainment.

So, what comes in it when we talk about indoors. Well, movies and tv shows, for starters. Then there is also gaming online/offline, as well as reading. Talking about just the films and shows, we know Netflix is a huge base for such entertainment. They have established themselves as one of the titans of the industry. Everyone wants to own an account and everyone wants to relax. Netflix’s new feature has even made it more convenient for the user to binge.

New Netflix feature out soon
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Binging The Day Away:

Many times, we don’t even notice the time as it passes by. One minute, you’re starting a new episode of ‘Mindhunter’. Before you know it, you are done with both the seasons of it! Of course, that does not mean that you wasted the day away. Time is never wasted if you’re doing something that you enjoy. If you’re gaining absolutely nothing from it, not even fun, then it could be a waste to some.

With the year 2021 progressing, Netflix is coming up with new features too. The release of a pandemic caused them to come up with a Netflix party. This feature allows people to sit at their homes and still watch stuff together by sharing a screen. Now, Netflix has come up with yet another new feature. You may experience it sooner than later.

Netflix New Feature:

So, what exactly is this new feature? Have they come up with a way to make the experience enjoyable? Yes, that is exactly what they have done. The new feature will now allow Netflix to download movies and shows. It will be doing that on its own, however, there is an added bonus.

Netflix will be selecting and downloading the shows based on your preferences! So imagine that you have recently watched ‘The 100’. It is a post-apocalyptic thriller tv drama that gathered quite a lot of attention. Now, if you have seen that show, this new feature is liable to download ‘Snowpiercer’ for you. It is also a post-apocalyptic thriller show but in a different setting.

Netflix feature for preferences
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Netflix And Relax:

Netflix has quite a robust and impressive recommendation engine. It can go haywire if two people, with different tastes, use the same profile. This causes it to get confused between preferences. However, when it comes to this new feature, one cannot go wrong. Your downloads may just contain content that you did not know that you wanted to see.

We hope to see more development as this new feature hits the hands of public. Who knows what else Netflix has, in-store, for the users.

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