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Instagram is one of the most expansive social media applications of all time. In fact, a lot of people prefer using it instead of Facebook due to the content it offers. It can be much better to show a pictorial or a video representation of something rather than just updating one’s own status. Even the Instagram application itself is more user friendly and accommodating than most of the other social media apps.

One of the best things about this application is how it caters to the content each user views. Its recommendation system is quite superior to other apps, as it can capture exactly the type of content you watch. If you watch a few videos or pictures on automobiles, the recommendation system is going to be catered to give you similar videos and pictures.

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Instagram New Feature

According to sources, a new feature has just been rolled out to the public. Earlier in the year, it was released just in the United States, but has now been released globally. You might often come across reels on Instagram that you wish you could keep with you always. You wish you could view them offline again and again or share them with friends. According to the new update, you can now download reels to your camera roll.

Yes, if the reel you are viewing belongs to a public account, it can be downloaded and saved to your camera roll. Once it is saved in your camera roll, it is going to contain the watermark of the handle of the creator, to make sure there is no theft of content. This sounds like quite an interesting feature that must be explored.

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Technology Keeps Moving

Of course, one must keep the security aspect of this feature in mind. If a public account of a person below 18 is active, its option to download will be turned off. However, it can be turned on the privacy settings. Similarly, if an account changes its status from public to private, all its future reels will not be available for download.

We hope that you are able to test this feature on your application as soon as you update it. We are seeing more and more updates on these applications everyday and would love to see more.

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