New Guidelines For Umrah Pilgrims Issued By Saudi Arabia

Umrah guidelines by Saudia
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There are many faiths that exist today in the world. Where there is the presence of Christians, Jews and Hindus occupy too. Each person should be allowed to follow their own religion and no one should ever be forced to convert. Similarly, one of the prime religions in the world is Islam. It is considered as religion of peace, and it has a significant location at the heart of it. The Saudi government has come up with new guidelines for Umrah pilgrims.

Umrah is considered as one of the most pure forms of prayer in Islam. It involves a Muslim stepping into the bounds of Makkah and offering prayer at the Holy Kaabaa. As a form of prayer, the Muslim does 7 revolutions around the Kaabaa and 7 revolutions between the mountains of Safa and Marwa. This is followed from the old traditions and ways of the prophets who came before us. Islam is a faith which has a rich and robust history. Now, the Saudi Arabian government has issued new guidelines for Umrah pilgrims.

Umrah guidelines for pilgrims by govt
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Umrah Helps The Soul

It is often seen that some religious practices are considered good for health. Not only do they allow you to detach from the negativity of society but allow you to get closer to God as well. When you are present within the bounds of Haram, you may feel this force drawing you towards the masjid. It is not only a force present but a positive aura. Now, let us dive into the new guidelines for pilgrims.

According to the guidelines, a person will first enter into the care center at Makkah. They will enter this place six hours prior to the Umrah. This is so they can get the status of their coronavirus vaccine checked. It is a precautionary measure that is being taken to ensure there is no spread of the virus. An infected person entering the city and the masjid could have disastrous results for everyone.

Further details

The pilgrims are then instructed to go to the gathering center where they will be given a bracelet. It is the presence of this bracelet on the wrist that will allow them to enter the masjid. You cannot go directly into the masjid and perform Umrah now; you will have to go through this procedure. Additionally, the ministry of Saudi Arabia has also given forms that can be filled to have dates and times allotted for the Umrah.

They have also said that even after the vaccine verification, Kingdom guidelines are to be followed inside the Masjid. The two Masjids here refer to Masjid e Nabwi and Masjid Al Haram. This is quite a useful initiative that has been taken by the government. Last year, visit to the place was completely barred due to the severity of the virus. Now, slowly, it seems that pilgrims may return to the place for prayers. Come Zilhajj, we shall have to see the guidelines for Hajj because that is a crowded time.

gudielines for Umrah pilgrims by govt
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