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In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, customization and personalization have become key factors in enhancing the user experience. With the release of iOS 17, Apple brings forth a range of exciting features that allow you to personalize your phone calls like never before.

From live voicemail transcriptions to interactive widgets, iOS 17 offers a host of options to make your phone calls more engaging and tailored to your preferences. Let’s delve into some of the standout features that make iOS 17 a game-changer in call customization.

Customize What People See When You Call

With iOS 17, you can now personalize your phone calls by customizing what people see when you call. This feature enables you to set a unique caller ID display, such as a photo or personalized text, giving your calls a personal touch and making them easily recognizable to recipients.

Live Voicemail with Transcriptions

Gone are the days of listening to long voicemail messages. iOS 17 introduces live voicemail, where you can send a call directly to voicemail and receive a live transcript of the message. This allows you to quickly glance at the content of the voicemail without having to listen to it, saving you valuable time.

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All Your iMessage Apps in One Place

iOS 17 makes managing iMessage apps more convenient by consolidating them in one place. A new plus button allows you to access all the things you frequently send, such as photos, audio messages, and your location. Additionally, you can swipe up to view the rest of your iMessage apps, ensuring easy access to all your favorite tools.

Let Your Friend Know When You Arrive Safely

The “Check In” feature in iOS 17 enhances safety and communication with friends and family. It automatically notifies a designated contact when you arrive at a specific destination, such as your home. This feature provides peace of mind to your loved ones by ensuring they are aware of your safe arrival.

Catch-up and Swipe to Reply

Keeping up with lengthy conversations is now effortless with the catch-up arrow feature in iOS 17. This arrow allows you to jump directly to the first message you haven’t seen in a conversation, helping you quickly catch up on missed content. Furthermore, iOS 17 introduces the ability to swipe right on any message to send a reply, streamlining your messaging experience.

Search Filters for Faster Message Retrieval

Finding specific messages within a conversation becomes more efficient with iOS 17’s search filters. By combining various search filters, you can quickly narrow down your search and locate the desired message, saving time and effort.

Enhanced Location Sharing and Viewing

Sharing and viewing locations is now more seamless with iOS 17. By utilizing the plus button, you can easily share your location or request a friend’s location within a conversation. When someone shares a location with you, you can view it directly within the conversation, eliminating the need to switch between apps.

Audio Message Transcriptions

Audio messages become more accessible with iOS 17’s transcription feature. As you receive an audio message, it is automatically transcribed, allowing you to read the message in real-time. This feature is particularly useful in situations where listening to an audio message may not be feasible.

One-Stop Sticker Drawer

iOS 17 brings all your stickers together in one place with the new sticker drawer. This drawer gives you easy access to all your Live Stickers, emoji, Memoji, and other sticker packs. Moreover, your stickers sync with iCloud, ensuring they are available across all your Apple devices.

Create One-of-a-Kind Stickers

Express your creativity with iOS 17’s ability to create personalized Live Stickers. You can now use your own

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