OPTP Mughlai Chicken Burger
OPTP has a new item on the menu and it's going to become your favourite meal soon. Know more about the Mughlai Chicken Burger now!

OPTP has always been a cult-favorite. We’re advocates for the garlic mayo fan club, but we’re open to other likes as well. If their fries weren’t good enough, their burgers are another treat on their own. The juicy patties with the softest of buns and unique in-house sauces all make for a meal you want to keep going back for.

If you’re already an OPTP fan or you’re on the fence about it, keep reading. Chances are you’ll be ordering it today after reading about their latest addition!

The New Mughlai Chicken Burger

OPTP’s Mughlai Chicken Burger is the food combo you have been waiting for all this time. It’s always a treat when a food brand incorporates the west in the east, and this is a prime example of that. Imagine the taste of a juicy chicken burger with the Mughlai flavor, and we bet you’re drooling already. 


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The mouth-watering Mughlai Chicken is marinated in a special concoction of spices. The over-powering unique taste in the marination is brought with onions and special tamarind sauce. The patty promises to pack a punch in terms of flavor, but it’s further enhanced with the signature sauces used. It’s a dream come true.

Why OPTP Is So Loved

OPTP has a huge fan following because of how affordable their prices are. The newest addition to the menu, Mughlai chicken burger is available for only Rs.129 (exclusive of tax). The decision to bring a premium, innovative product to the market for such a competitive price is why they’re loved.

The OPTP fries
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Additionally, OPTP’s brand ethos celebrates all walks of life. The brand has never appealed to any exclusive segment of society. They’re for anyone and everyone who loves good food. Accessibility has always been their strong suit, and we’re all for it!

OPTP’s Innovative Streak

Moreover, OPTP thrives on innovation. The brand is one to look out for always to be introducing something new and fun in the food section. They regularly launch new products, all of which turn out to be a massive hit amongst the masses. Their Smoked Chicken Pizza Fries or Chicken Pakora Burgers were a new creation that piqued the interest of many. The star of the Holy Month was the Chicken Pakora burgers!


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The combination of western flavors with eastern ones is tricky for sure, but they have nailed the art of doing so. All in all, we’re excited about the new creations OPTP has in store for their fans!

Are you adventurous with the food you try, or are you a classic chicken burger fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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