The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) will soon launch the Wasila Rozgar program to help women gain skills for better-paying jobs. BISP Chairperson Rubina Khalid announced this expansion during a media briefing in Lahore, stressing the program’s focus on improving women’s economic prospects in Pakistan.

Wasila Rozgar Program

The Wasila Rozgar program aims to equip women with skills to enhance their employability and secure higher-paying jobs. This initiative is part of BISP’s broader efforts to empower women and support their economic independence. By offering training and skill development, the program bridges the gap between women’s current employment status and better job opportunities.

Khalid noted that BISP currently assists 9.5 million families across Pakistan. She highlighted that the program was conceived by the late Benazir Bhutto during her exile and retains its original name despite attempts by previous governments to rename it. Transparency remains a cornerstone of BISP’s operations. Funds are withdrawn through biometric verification, ensuring payments are distributed with integrity. The system is fully transparent and updated every two years. This process ensures that families who have moved above the poverty line are removed from the program, keeping the focus on those in need.

Addressing Concerns and Expanding Banking Partnerships

During the briefing, Khalid addressed concerns about commission charges. She acknowledged complaints about the payment arrangement with one bank. She also announced plans to partner with six additional banks to provide more options and address these issues. This will ensure beneficiaries face fewer challenges when accessing their funds.

Source: Pak Observer

Khalid also clarified that the official message center for the program is 8,171 and no other numbers are associated with BISP, advising beneficiaries to be cautious of potential scams.

Future Prospects and Economic Impact

The Wasila Rozgar program highlights BISP’s efforts to enhance its impact and adapt to the changing needs of its beneficiaries. By focusing on skill development and employment opportunities for women, BISP aims to contribute to the broader economic growth of the country. Empowering women with better job prospects improves their individual livelihoods. Additionally it also positively impacts their families and communities.

BISP’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and empowerment remains strong. The Wasila Rozgar program promises to provide women with the tools they need to succeed in a competitive job market.

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