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The recently announced Pakistan Budget 2024-2025 has sent shock-waves across the country, with many fearing that it will lead to increased hardship and difficulty for the common man. The budget, which was presented by the government amidst already low expectations, has been met with widespread criticism and disappointment. In this blog post, we will delve into the budget, its implications for the people of Pakistan, and the reactions of the public on social media.

The Biggest Blows Finally Dealt

Among the most important things in the budget is the huge tax rise! The average salaried person is expected to bear a heavy burden as a result of the government’s introduction of new taxes and increases to current ones. The poor and middle classes, who already have difficulty making ends meet, would be disproportionately impacted by the increase in taxes on necessities like food, medication, and power.

The budget has also resulted in higher costs for necessities like food, petrol, and energy. People have been left speechless as a result of having to pay more for the same products and services. Not only this, but inflation brought on by the price increases would further reduce peoples’ purchasing power.

Public Reaction: Outrage & Disgust

The public reaction to the budget has been one of outrage and disappointment. Many have taken to social media to express their views, with the hashtag #Budget2024-2025 trending on X (formerly Twitter). People are criticizing the government for its lack of vision and its failure to address the real issues facing the country. Here’s what’s happening on social media as of today:

  1. People have been calling it one of the worsts budget announcement in the history of Pakistan. People were quick to call out the real priorities of IMF and the establishment.

    State of Poor In Pakistan
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  2. While some were busy sharing how inconsiderate the complete budget really is and has neglected basic necessities such as fuel and education in their pursuit of pleasing the IMF. The people have woken up and have realized how bad the situation really is in Pakistan. They feel the establishment wants to control and keep everyone away from the privilege of education, so that they may rule unopposed without any questions asked.
    Petrol Budget Increase
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    Education Budget
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  3. Others took to social media and exposed the leaders for who they truly are. The post below highlights how unscathed political leaders are from the announcement of the new budget. Their reaction makes their priorities apparent.

    Govt Officials Smiling
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  4. And who could forget the meme community in all of this commotion? People were quick to take to X and post hilarious memes on tax filers and allocation of the budget.

Concluding Remarks On Budget 2024-2025 Announcement

The Pakistan Budget 2024-2025 is a nightmare for the common man. The increase in taxation, prices, and austerity measures will lead to increased hardship and difficulty for the people of Pakistan. The government must reconsider its decisions and take steps to address the real issues facing the country. The public is eagerly waiting for a change in the government’s approach, and only time will tell if their hopes will be fulfilled or not.

Till then… stay tuned for more insights like these; this has been your average salaried individual Zayaan, Signing Off!

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