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The beautiful and acclaimed actress Nimra Khan is being questioned for deleting pictures of her husband. Is there any truth to the rumors?

Nimra Khan made her debut in a comedy series Kis Din Mera Veyah Howey Ga, and after that, she had some significant roles in delivering. Her acting in Uraan, Meherbaan, and Khoob Seerat is still remembered by many as incredible performances.

Same Old, Same Old

For some reason, the actress has deleted all pictures on her Instagram with her husband. Some extremely avid and observant users also noticed that and started making a fuss about it. It’s the same old ruckus about followers wanting to know more about your personal life than you do.

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Are The Rumours True?

Most are jumping to the conclusion that she has divorced her husband. So, not only are their questions about why she delete something off of her own profile, there are comments on her ability to sustain a marriage.

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Many are saying “this is her second divorce in 3 years, that’s bad luck”. Maybe that’s bad luck or maybe that’s good luck, we can’t say. However, what we can say is that if the rumours are true then she needs time and space at the moment, not a circus of personal, derogatory comments.

An Obsession With Marriage?

Had you not noticed thus far in your life, Pakistanis have a keen obsession with marriage. Every actress or actor when and if they confess to dating is first asked about marriage plans. We don’t think anything triggered half our population more than Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal’s marriage did.

Aima Baig was asked about marriage and now Nimra Khan’s marriage is in question. It’s as if the institution of marriage is the most fruitful and fulfilling relationship we ever commit to.

Why Could She Be Deleting The Pictures?

There are a hundred reasons why someone would decide to delete a set of pictures. They don’t all have to be bad. Maybe her husband just did not want to be on social media anymore! Jokes aside, we hope all is well and happy within Khan’s household.

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