Netizens Praise Arsalan Naseer's Riveting Performance in 'Radd'

Arsalan Naseer, the talented Pakistani actor, has been receiving accolades for his outstanding performance in the ongoing drama “Radd”. The actor recently engaged with his fans on Instagram, where he conducted a question-and-answer session. The responses were overwhelming, with fans showering him with praise for his remarkable acting skills.

One user exclaimed, “Your acting in Radd is mind-blowing!” while another fan shared a heartwarming moment, saying, “My amma (mother) is watching Radd, and she loves you in it. She says, ‘Arsalan ne bhoot acha kam kha hai’ (Arsalan has done a fantastic job)”. Arsalan humbly replied, “Amma ko khayein duao mein yaad rakhein (Please remember me in your mother’s prayers)”.

As the praise continued to pour in, one curious fan asked, “Radd drama ka spoiler dein (Can you give us a spoiler for Radd)?”. Arsalan playfully revealed, “In the end, Zaain and Salaar will get married”. Hiba, the actress who plays Hiba, quickly intervened, saying, “Nai batana tha yeh (This was not supposed to be revealed)”.

The Q&A session showcased Arsalan’s humility and willingness to engage with his fans. His performance in “Radd” has undoubtedly captured the hearts of many, and his dedication to his craft is evident. With his talent and charm, Arsalan Naseer is surely a rising star in the Pakistani drama industry.

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