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Saad Rehman, also known as Ducky Bhai has 4.62 million subscribers. Saad has a significant amount of experience in the YouTube community. His roasting videos are his main claim to fame, but he has recently started vlogging, and his fans are loving it.
Aroob Jatoi and his recent marriage garnered media attention. They were trending on many social media platforms. The couple recently made a trip to Makkah to undertake Umrah and their pictures have been getting quite the attention. Here have a look.

“I am here to perform Umrah and I will follow all the rituals by heart”, said Ducky Bhae. The majority of the comments were from well-wishers. However, some were negative. Here, have a look.

Saad Rehman and Aroob Jatoi had a grandiose wedding ceremony in Lahore. The participation of well-known Pakistani YouTubers and close family made it even more unforgettable. Others could argue that the wedding was nothing more than a grand display of money.

According to a recent video by Ducky Bhai, his bride and he will be departing for their honeymoon in a few days. Aroob has also launched a YouTube account on which she publishes videos of herself. They all appear to be able to generate sizable revenue from their YouTube accounts, giving the impression that creating videos for the site comes naturally to them. So Ducky Bhae stays in the news for some reason or the other.

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