It is always important to verify a piece of information before one starts to spread it. If it is not verified and turns out to be false, then a lot of misinformation can be spread. There was a time when Rowan Atkinson was considered dead because of a false news source that stated he had passed away. Similarly, even news coming from our country has to be verified before it can be spread. The most recent one is Babar Azam buying a purple Lamborghini.

Of course, we don’t want to disregard any life choice made by anyone, but the piece of news should always be verified first. Did Babar Azam purchase a Lamborghini or is it something that has been spread as misinformation? A lot of people on the internet are conveying their congrats but many are busy investigating too. They want to get to the bottom of this and they have some interesting things to say.

a new car by babar azam
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A Purple Lamborghini in Pakistan

A photo was posted recently which is being circulated quite a lot on the internet. In it, Babar Azam is standing next to the open door of a purple Lamborghini and the news is claiming that he bought it. However, netizens have been trying to see the authenticity of it. The famed cricketer’s brother has a YouTube channel where their life updates are often shared. There has been no news of such a car from that channel, nor has there been any announcement.

Similarly, the car shown in the picture is a Lamborghini Aventador. However, there are currently no purple Aventadors in Pakistan. Such a car would surely make news even if it was seen simply standing on the street, it is one impressive vehicle. All this investigation by netizens points out to the fact that the photo is not of recent times, and it being shown out of context.

Believing the Information

Additionally, there is no concrete mention of any such car in Pakistan anywhere. We also found out that the picture is actually from last year when the cricketer visited London. We always encourage the verification of information before it should be spread.

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