deepika padukone

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has disappeared! With 52.5 million followers on Instagram and 27.7 million followers on Twitter, Deepika has deleted hundreds of posts and tweets from her social media accounts.

She clearly thought it unwise just to delete her account. I mean, if she was going through a phase where she wanted to distance herself from social media, she was more logical than everyone else. Because honestly, we would just delete our accounts, but she knew that had she deleted her account, she would ‘probably’ not be able to gain this much following. But well, she is Deepika Padukone; if anyone can gain it all back, it’s her. So even if she did, it would take some time.

“Very logical, Deep! Tell me you aren’t Aries.”

Twitter also has just this one tweet. All the other 670 tweets have been deleted.

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