Sara Khan, from the set of her recent shoot is receiving netizens remarks for overreacting but the real question is if the video clip is from her recent upcoming drama or an old one.

In a video shot by her husband Falak Shabbir which is doing rounds on social media the actress is seen talking about her struggles with being an actor. While filming a rain sequence Sara Khan noted that she has been under-water for several hours and now feeling cold.

This is the real struggle behind shooting a drama which the public is not very familiar with. While talking about being in the water the actress shared that she has been taking a shower for almost four hours now and that is why she is feeling under the weather.

While the video is a simple clip filmed by an actress and her husband, the netizens have questioned Sara Khan’s need to overreact while filming. Meanwhile, others also asked about her work and why does she do it if she thinks it’s hard being an actress.

However, one thing noted by some netizens is the fact that her video is old and Falak Shabbir is spotted there as shared by Sara who got married to the singer in an arranged setup, netizens are wondering if the scenario is true.

Before we head to the reactions take a look at the video below.

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Netizens Questions Her Honesty & Attitude 

Netizens have been wondering why she acts the way she acts and is there any need for her to overreact in every video. Meanwhile, some are wondering if the couple was seeing eachother way before they got married since the video clip is supposedly from Sara Khan’s old drama shoot.

Take a look at some of the reactions from the social media netizens below.

Image source: Instagram


Image source: Instagram

What are your thoughts on Sara Khan’s videos and if you think that she has a tendency to overreact. Let us know your views in the comments below.

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