Ayesha Omar, the Pakistani actress, singer, and model, is so much more than what she is on the outside. Her attractive appearance and bold personality definitely add to her charm but it also adds to the hate she gets every other day. This time, Ayesha Omar shared moments from her vacation with her mother on her Instagram but it garnered way more criticism for her dressing than it did an appreciation for the wholesomeness of the trip.

People immediately started making comments about the way Ayesha Omar was dressed during her trip rather than focusing on what she had done for her mother. Some people even went as far as to negative comments about the upbringing of Ayesha’s mother. Here are some of the comments, have a look.

The Actual Essence Of Her Post

Having a wonderful time in Dubai, the renowned star of the TV show Bulbulay not only shared her late-night train adventure with her mother but also displayed how she pampered her on the beaches and resorts. While Omar typically keeps her personal life private and dislikes interference, she understands the importance of expressing love for her mother on social media.

On Monday, she took to Instagram and shared a delightful carousel of pictures, captioned, “My mama, my heaven on earth. I’m immensely grateful for these precious moments. Alhamdolilah.” In a previous Instagram post, Omar praised her mother, saying, “Many years ago, when I was barely two years old, my father passed away and moved on to the next life, leaving behind two young children—my sister and me—for my young mom to raise all by herself.” 

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