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This Ramadan, once again, TV was graced with Ramadan special shows. While that entails only Sehri and Iftar transmissions for some channels, others go the extra mile and air dramas as well. For one of the local channels, that meant airing Chupke Chupke. While Chupke Chupke does seem neatly executed with its chemistry, plot, and storyline, people are not very happy with one of the lead cast.

Ayeza Khan as Meenu

Playing Meenu in the drama, Ayeza Khan has taken on all the traits of a bubbly girl who is spontaneous, doesn’t think much of the consequences and the sole purpose of her life is to avoid studies. Studies. This brings into view another problem. It is extremely difficult to understand what she is studying. In some scenes, she is holding O-levels books that can only mean she is 16 years old. But then in other scenes, people are talking about her doing graduation (which is another term for bachelors). At another instance, someone said she was doing her Masters in Maths.

And let’s not forget the time when Faazi asked Meenu to recite the table of 9. Which university requires you to learn that?

Audience Reacts

Love for the drama poured in for superb acting skills displayed by Gul Apa (Mira Sethi), Faazi bhai (Osman Khalid Butt), and Hadi Bhai (Arsalan Naseer); Not to mention that people liked Faazi bhai and Meenu’s interaction even though every time they have interacted, shots have been fired. Of course, some people must not have liked this as well but everyone has the right to their opinions. The most criticism on one of the aspects of this drama however was Ayeza Khan playing Meenu.

We asked women outside of the internet about their views and they just could not align the Ayeza Khan (a mother of two) they know, and the 16-year-old girl that she plays. All of them agreed on the fact that there are many more good actresses in the industry who would have better fit the character. And an actor looking his/her part is extremely necessary because it can lead to the audience becoming bored.

Netizens and their views.

chupke chupke
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chupke chupke
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While the audience does not look bored considering each episode is garnering above 1 million views on Youtube, this suggestion does sound apt. But who do you think would have fit the role of Meenu better? Let us know in the comments and the best suggestion will be included here!

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