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The story of vengeance and domestic violence comes to an end. The last episode of Qayamat aired on 16th June and within a day it gathered 5.1 million views. After watching it, people just couldn’t stop praising Ahsan Khan and his acting skills for it.

Loving the antagonist

Usually, people say that it is natural if the audience starts hating you after you play an evil role. However, recent events have shown us that it is not usually the case. Or maybe the audience has now started seeing characters as characters. They do not confuse them with the actors anymore. Or could it be that we now are able to relate to antagonists of the story more because they seem more real, instead of the mazloom protagonists? Remember Sabaat? Miral was the more popular character compared to Anaya.

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Qayamat – Ahsan Khan

Similar is the case with Qayamat where people had been appreciating Ahsan Khan throughout its run. And they just couldn’t contain themselves when in the last episode Rashid (Ahsan Khan) realized the horrors he had committed.

Twitter raged with appreciation tweets. Netizens, it is clear, are just in love with Ahsan Khan all over again. He ensures that not only are his issues igniting tough discussions that people hope to avoid but do it in the most talented way possible.

ahsan khan qayamat
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Netizens on Qayamat

Not every actor is able to portray the “angry, funny and turn-over-a-new-leaf sides” as seamlessly as the Qayamat actor did.

The entire series was amazing but the last episode gathered more love.

“An emotional rollercoaster” ride; this might just be the most accurate description.

Netizens even said that Ahsan Khan should not be compared locally. If compared, it should be with big international stars.

Did you find it Oscar-worthy, this scene?

The love overflowed on Twitter for the actor.

Let’s just say that after the exemplary acting in Udaari, he did not disappoint us. He made sure that he continues giving us amazing works. Hopefully, his next project will be just as diverse.

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