Junaid Akram, in his recent tweet, tried to shed light on the scene at Karachi beaches. However, his tweet has backfired resulting in criticism.

Junaid Akram X Karachi Beach

Karachi beaches are a sight to behold, with people roaming on the beach from all backgrounds often seen spending their leisure time. While there is no bounds to the sights one might have seen on the beaches of Karachi and no it isn’t just limited to making sand castles on the beach, Akram in his recent video shared quite a few of them.

The video, however, backfired resulting in netizens trolling the YouTuber. While the majority shared their stance on him having a colonial mindset, others called him out for being racist. Now you might be wondering what is so wrong about the video. Take a look at his tweet below.

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School Of Thought 

The conversation isn’t as simple as it seems, it sure is debatable. While everyone has the right to enjoy themselves on the beach, not everything comes off as acceptable when it comes to beach activities. Meanwhile, calling out people for merely enjoying based on a few clips from the internet isn’t right either. Akram is lowkey being cancelled and the Twitter’s reaction to his video is rather blunt and upfront.

Take a look at a few tweets from the thread below.

Have you come across anything depicted in the video on the Karachi beach? If yes, then what is your stance on the video? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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