Operations To Rescue Stuck Seaview Ship Suspended Until September 8

Stuck seaview ship
Image Source: Tribune

[Update: 27th August 2021]: In the recent update regarding the stuck Seaview ship, the ship was almost refloated twice. In the first attempt that happened on Tuesday this week, the ship was floated for almost 350 meters. Once the rescue team started rejoicing, the ship returned to the beach and got stuck to an all-new part.

In the week’s second attempt, the ship was brought out into the sea for almost 150 meters. But the ropes that were tied to it, three of them snapped, and the floatation team lost control. The ship returned to its position.

It has now been announced that all the rescue operations for the ship will be ceased until September 8th. This is because the low tide is working against any rescue operations.

It is expected that in September the weather will change in favour. Up until then, the ship will probably stay as the hangout place for Pakistanis visiting the beach.

[July 29th, 2021]: While social media is a great way to stay up-to-date with information, at times, it leaves you speechless because of how the information gets modified and reused. In the past few days, you must have come across a photo, a video, or a news article about the ship stuck on Seaview, Karachi. People have even posed with the ship!

Ship Stuck on Seaview

Now, such a large ship being stranded on the beach is already dangerous but the Hong Kong based cargo ship ”MV Heng Tong 77” is even more dangerous because it has tonnes of oil in it. Moreover, if the oil were to spill, it would taint all of the beach as well as seep underground and into the water table. Not only that, but it would also mix with the water; killing the already lessening marine life.

Stuck seaview ship
Image Source: Dawn

Ad for sale

Seeing the silver lining in this grave situation is something a Pakistani can do easily. One Pakistani put the picture of the ship on OLX and Facebook with a price tag –  just like you would to sell a car.

Detailing the ship

Let’s get down to the ship specifications!

  • 100,000 cc
  • Running: 65,000 nautical mile
  • minor used by foreigners
  • smells a little bit
  • engine weak
  • AC working
  • Price: PKR 9,999,999
Image Source: Facebook

The cargo ship is also loaded with containers so the seller put that up as a plus point. He priced it at one rupee less than one crore.

Would you buy it?

Image Source: Facebook

Pakistanis and their sarcasm skills

Other netizens didn’t buy it either but they played along with the joke. In return to seeing a car ad for a ship, they too responded with questions similar to the ones you have for cars. The comments are surely hilarious.

Image source: Facebook

They even joked about OLX and its famous line from the ad, ‘Sub bech day’ (Sell everything).

Image Source: Facebook

Who knows Pakistanis better than Pakistanis? And when the jokes are from our own behaviour patterns, they become all the more hilarious.

Image Source: Facebook

Hopefully, KPT and the ‘foreigner who used the ship briefly’ will solve the situation before some one actually buys the ship for PKR 9,999,999.

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