Television host and former actress Nida Yasir is currently getting schooled by netizens. Often making headlines for being too nosey with her guests on talk shows, Nida’s once again in the limelight. Nida and her husband Yasir Nawaz just left for a spiritual journey. The couple shared some awe-worthy pictures of them on the plane. Expecting a wholesome response, they ended up being schooled by netizens for prioritizing social media over worship.

Nida Yasir has been conducting her morning talk show for about 15 years now, and before she embarked on a journey for Hajj, she sought forgiveness. The former actress did a morning show requesting forgiveness. She addressed anyone who may have been hurt by something she said or did before she left. Which was quite noble of her. She has shared her ambitions to go on this journey on multiple occasions. It’s exciting to see she has finally made it, along with her husband.

Netizens School Nida Yasir For Posting Pictures

Though this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the couple, netizens seem to be bothered a bit too much with their photos. Though Nida’s comment sections have been filled with love and support, we can’t help but notice some netizens being quite angry. She’s being called out for focusing too much on social media.






Nida Yasir schooled

It seems no one can figure out why the couple of focusing their attention on posting photographs when they’ve reached such a beautiful destination for worship. It’s true that for some, performing Hajj is a dream that due to financial circumstances may never happen. Regardless, it is no excuse to bring down those sharing their memorable moments with their loved ones. We wish Nida and her husband, Yasir well in their endeavors and an easy journey.

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Mahnoor Rashid
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