The latest Netflix TV show Messiah has caused a bit of stir on social media. The controversial thriller Messiah was branded as ‘anti-Islamic’ ahead of its premiere.

In fact, when the trailer of Netflix’s Messiah was released in 2019, Pakistani Twitter was in a fix as #Dajjal became one of the top trends on social media.

Now that Messiah has been premiered on Netflix, the masses have mixed reviews about the series.

The plot of the show is about a man who resembles the Islamic appearance of Hazrat Isa (AS) and claims to be a messiah after putting a raft of miracles on display.

It further goes onto developing how this extraordinary entity played by Mehdi Dehbi, is being investigated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Eve Geller (Michelle Monaghan), who believes this is part of a large-scale geopolitical hoax.

Have a look at how the people have reacted after watching the show 

People are furious at the latest project by Netflix

Is the series actually more than what we see? 

However, some people lauded the plot of the series.

People also dragged Iran into this controversy

A few users also stated that the series isn’t blasphemous or controversial 

The show seems to be intriguing for some people 

In Islamic theology, Dajjal impersonates the true messiah and is often described as having curly hair, being blind in one eye, and sporting the word “kafir” (“unbeliever”) on his forehead.

It’s still unclear where Messiah, which is streaming now, will go with the name, though we won’t have to wait much longer to find out.

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