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Netflix Original Haunting of the Hill House gained a huge fan following ever since its release. Viewers liked it for the tragedy even though it was a horror series. By the last episode, fans were not quite sure whether to feel scared for all the horror or immensely sad because of Nell dying or happy for the mommy-daddy reunion.

Amid social media discussions, they also realized there were many hidden ghosts in the series. And that sparked a revived interest leading to fans watching it all over again for the sake of solving the ghost puzzle. Viewers couldn’t get enough of the Crain family and started pining for season 2.

Hill House – Crain Family

Interestingly though, season 2 of the Netflix show is not a continuation of the Crain Family’s story. It will retain some of the actors from the first season, but the story and the character and relationships will be all different. Let’s say we salute Mike Flanagan for not falling into the ‘continuing show without story’ phenomenon that is central to most American shows. Instead of extending the story of Hill House, he opted to tell the story of the Bly Manor.

Bly Manor – The Actors from Season 1

The recent looks tell us that the actress playing Nell in Hill House is playing a pivotal role in Bly Manor as well. Different from Hill House, this character is more on the bright side, a chirpy nanny. The actor playing the younger version of Hugh Crain will also be returning to the show. The actress who played one of the most dynamic characters, the psychic Theo, will also be coming back, but her role is still a secret.

The first look in the Netflix season tells us that it is a story about Bly Manor, a bright, welcoming house as opposed to Hill House. The Wingrave children, Miles and Flora, reside there. Their previous governess, played by Tahirah Sharif, fell prey to the house. And that marks the entry of the new governess Dani Clayton (Victoria Pedretti).

We also see the uncle of Wingrave children (Henry Thomas), who wants to avoid the house at all costs and is only available to care for his niece and nephew from afar.

The New Roles

We see that Bly Manor has a manager, a groundskeeper, and a live-in chef. While the first is in denial about the strange happenings, the other two are often untouched by them. But what scares me the most is the fact that little Flora maintains a collection of dolls, but this could be my trauma from Child’s play and utterly unlinked to the uncanniness of the story.

Regardless of who joins and who doesn’t, the show creator Mike Flanagan has promised he will be embedding more ghost puzzles into the show this time as well. But this time, he said, their presence will be explained. So sit tight and wait for this Netflix show, which is going to be great – fingers crossed.

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