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Get ready to potentially dig deeper into your pockets for your Netflix subscription this year. Analysts from Swiss finance company UBS Securities are predicting another round of price hikes in multiple countries, citing a shifting entertainment landscape as the driving force behind the potential increase.

Shifting Entertainment Ecosystem

The rise in Netflix’s total American viewership from 7.7 percent to 7.9 percent in January 2024 is seen as an indicator of the platform’s continued relevance and appeal. Additionally, as traditional media companies increasingly pivot towards streaming services, there’s a growing emphasis on consolidating content libraries and cutting production spending. This strategic shift positions Netflix favorably, potentially emboldening the company to raise prices once again.

Netflix’s robust catalog of acclaimed shows, movies, and video games, coupled with the expected revenue boost from subscriber growth and the introduction of an ad-supported tier, could result in a significant uptick in revenue, projected at around 15 percent.

Indications from Netflix

However, while UBS Securities makes this prediction, no formal announcement has been made by Netflix regarding any impending price changes. Nevertheless, there are indications that Netflix may indeed be considering such a move. During a Q4 2023 earnings call, Netflix co-CEO Greg Peters mentioned the possibility of resuming their “standard approach toward price increases” after a temporary hold due to the rollout of a paid-sharing program.

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Despite the potential financial gains, there’s a risk involved in another price hike. While previous increases were met with better-than-expected responses, there’s always the possibility of subscriber backlash. The question arises: Is Netflix justified in its confidence, or is it bordering on overconfidence?

Potential Risks and Rewards

Despite potential subscriber churn, Netflix has demonstrated resilience in the face of past controversies. The introduction of measures like password crackdowns and ad-supported tiers resulted in significant subscriber growth in 2023, indicating a level of confidence in their strategy.

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Ultimately, whether another price hike proves successful or backfires remains uncertain. Viewer reactions and market dynamics will ultimately dictate the outcome. For now, it’s all speculation, but it’s worth keeping an eye on how the situation unfolds in the coming months.

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