Netflix increasing prices again
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Netflix is one of the prime sources of entertainment for us. It features a sea of media content that is just waiting to be streamed. From old tv shows from your childhood to new content being added every day, Netflix is a streaming service worth investing in. Not only do you feel your time fly by, but you also get acquainted with shows from all types of genres. Films from the 60s can even be found on Netflix. What started as a video rental shop has transformed into a mega-corporation.

However, there is a price hike that is going to be happening soon. Netflix has not confirmed exactly how much it is going to but we can expect a considerable amount. They certainly increased it last year too and it was a hike of more than 5 dollars per package. It is something that we should stay mindful of, we do not want to lose the streaming rights.

netflix and prices increasing
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The Netflix Price Hike

The company has declined to make a comment on how much the price increase is going to be. However, it might not necessarily be an adverse thing for many people. As is common here and in many places, users tend to make use of Password sharing on Netflix. While Netflix has cracked down on it in many regions, it may be quite a while till they reach Pakistan.

Until then, we can continue to enjoy Netflix by sharing it with that one friend who lends everyone their account. Of course, everyone will contribute their fair share to the friend too. That way, even if the price hike is bigger, it may not feel as much.

increasing prices for netflix
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Streaming Services

It would be quite nice if Pakistan were to house more streaming services than Netflix too, since all of them have quite a lot of engaging content. When it comes to media, the genres never seem to end. Let us see how much of a price hike happens and we will keep you updated on it.

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