Did you know that 1 out of 4 children in Pakistan is vulnerable to dehydration? To bring awareness towards this concern, NESTLÉ PURE LIFE decided to make water interesting for children by spreading awareness about ‘healthy hydration’.

Children nowadays are busy in a multitude of activities, with their minds and bodies occupied in work and play. They often forget to consume water, and even if they are thirsty, they may not actively seek it.

The young also tend to perspire more, especially during the scorching summer and consequently lose more body fluid than usual, leading to dehydration.

Why is hydration important for your child?

Proper hydration is vital for kids to stay healthy and perform well at school They are a greater risk of dehydration as compared to adults.

This is because an average adult has 60% of water in their bodies, and drink whenever they feel thirsty.

However, children, because they are very active and hyper at that age, require a higher intake, and due to negligence, their chances of dehydration increases.

Common Signs of dehydration include child to have:

  • irritability,
  • dry mouth,
  • sunken eyes and cheeks,
  • in extreme cases, the minors collapse

Research reveals that children perform better on tasks of visual attention and visual memory if they are hydrated. Not to forget water is a very important nutrient to drain the organs of excessive waste and toxins. It is also very significant for the skin, reducing disorders like irregular patches and reduction of acne.

Teaching Children the Importance of Water

NESTLÉ PURE LIFE is on a mission to educate the children of Pakistan on the benefits
and the pleasure of drinking water.

The brand has launched an out-of-the-box campaign to raise awareness of the importance of hydration amongst children.

Enter NESTLÉ PURE LIFE Superheroes Campaign!

Almost all children love cartoons. They are fun to see and they learn many things from them whilst being entertained at the same time.

Consequently, in order to grab the attention of these young curious minds, NESTLÉ PURE LIFE decided to bring their favorite superheroes to them!

The HERO BOTTLES campaign is all about encouraging them to drink more water for ‘healthy hydration’ and helps them learn about the importance of drinking the liquid.

With their vibrant appeal, charismatic charm, and heroic branding, children are loving the packaging of the protector of Earth, Superman, the Dark Knight- Batman, and the fastest man alive, The Flash!

With their favorite role models on the bottles, children will enjoy drinking water all the more and even will be sharing the superhero experience with their friends.

Superheroes Meet & Greet

NESTLÉ PURE LIFE arranged a meet and greet with all the awesome superheroes at Fuschia Kitchen, Lahore to support the heroes to promote healthy hydration!

Kudos to NESTLÉ PURE LIFE for the brilliant initiative and for highlight the social issue which many are unaware of.