Nestlé BUNYAD has donated furniture made of recycled plastic to Syedanwala Primary School.

This donation supports the company’s vision that none of its packaging, including plastics, ends up in the environment. Nestlé supports the development of well-functioning collection and recycling schemes as part of its vision for a waste-free future.

This way, Nestlé has not just provided these students with a better platform to learn but also highlighted the issue of waste management and the importance of a circular economy through recycling of plastic waste, Nestlé brings hope of prosperity; a future where post-consumer use plastic is no longer waste but becomes an avenue for a better future for the students.

In addition, the company introduced its Nestlé for Healthier Kids (N4HK) program at Syedanwala School through capacity building of teachers on nutrition. The company has also developed an N4HK Room for students. The ambience of the room provides an opportunity for teachers to reinforce importance of health and wellbeing, good nutrition, and healthy habits through engaging activities. N4HK is Nestlé’s global initiative which supports teachers and caregivers on their journey to raise healthier kids through a curriculum-based education program promoting healthy nutrition, hydration, hygiene and active lifestyle.

“Nestlé BUNYAD has remained true to its essence, of building a stronger foundation for a better future, by providing furniture made from recycled plastic waste. This furniture not only provides students with better facilities but also highlights how waste can become value, if managed properly.” – Samer Chedid, CEO Nestlé Pakistan

“I want to thank Nestlé for bringing this message to Syedanwala and we will do everything we can to take their objective of a healthy Pakistan forward” – Syed Babar Ali