National Electronic Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has just bombarded us with bad news.

From next month onward the power tariff will be increased by Rs. 1.82 per unit.

This news came after the latest case held by the NEPRA that was requested by Central Power Purchasing Company, on October 30th.

As per the sources, the decision was made in the context of fuel price adjustment.

The adjustment that is of Rs.1.82661kWh would be applicable to all the consumer categories except for the lifeline consumers of all the Ex-WAPDA Distribution firms.

With increasing prices and an unstable economy, this will further burden the lower-income household as well as Production Industry.

As per the current government’s “no load-shedding policy,” there is huge power consumption. To fill that storage more electricity is produced by using furnace oil which isn’t economical.

“Had the units generated on furnace oil be generated from coal/RLNG based power plants, the total fuel cost for such units would have been around Rs 6.3 billion, thus resulting in reduction in total fuel cost by around Rs 7.2 billion i.e. Paisa 54.63 per unit,” the case officer added.

This price hike will bring over Rs.40 billion additional lumber on the next month’s bills and this might bring the consumers under more financial pressure.

With economical and finally crisis going on, another price hike will be really devastating. However, these increased prices will not be implemented on K.E consumers.

NEPRA had earlier surged the per-unit price of electricity by Rs.0.52 on the 27th of September.

How are you adjusting to the price hikes? Share your tips and tricks in the comment section below.

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