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NED University of Engineering and Technology has launched a comprehensive scholarship initiative for its undergraduate students. With an impressive allocation of Rs233 million, this new program aims to support both current and newly admitted students by offering scholarships covering 20% to 100% of their tuition fees.

Scholarships for New Admissions

The undergraduate fellowship program honors prominent national figures such as Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, Liaquat Ali Khan, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar, and Fatima Jinnah. This initiative marks a significant step in Pakistan’s higher education sector, ensuring that no student discontinues their education due to financial constraints.

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Dr. Sarosh Lodhi, Vice Chancellor of NED University, emphasized the program’s inclusivity. “Students from Karachi Board, A-levels, and other boards will be eligible for 100% scholarships proportionally. Scholarships will be awarded to 2,900 new students, including 1,500 from Karachi Board, 300 from A-levels, and 60 from Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas boards.”

Details of the Fellowship Program

The Jinnah Merit Fellowship will cover 100% of tuition and examination fees for the top 50 students across all educational boards. Students ranked 51 to 100 will receive the Iqbal Leadership Fellowship, covering 70% of their tuition fees. Those ranked 101 to 150 will receive the Sir Syed Visionary Fellowship, offering a 50% scholarship. The Jauhar Fellowship will grant a 30% scholarship for ranks 151 to 225. The Liaquat Ali Khan Excellence Fellowship will provide a 25% scholarship for ranks 225 to 325. The Fatima Jinnah Academic Fellowship will offer a 20% scholarship for students ranked above 401.

For currently enrolled students, the university has devised a merit-based fellowship program. The top three students in each program, based on their CGPA, will be awarded fellowships after the first semester. The first position holder will receive the Jinnah Merit Fellowship with 100% tuition fee coverage. The second position holder will get the Iqbal Leadership Fellowship with a 70% scholarship. The third position holder will receive the Sir Syed Visionary Fellowship with 50% tuition fee coverage.

Additionally, students maintaining a CGPA above 2.0 will benefit from a 22% tuition fee discount under the Jauhar Fellowship. Those with a CGPA below 2.0 will receive a 15% discount.

Ensuring Transparency and Accessibility

Dr. Lodhi mentioned that the list of eligible students for these fellowships will be published alongside the merit list on the NED website at the time of admission. This ensures transparency and provides students with timely information about their eligibility for financial support.

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NED University’s new scholarship initiative is a bold and commendable step toward fostering educational equity and excellence. By significantly reducing the financial burden on students and their families, this program will undoubtedly contribute to higher retention and success rates, empowering students to achieve their academic and professional goals. This initiative reflects NED’s dedication to academic excellence and sets a precedent for other educational institutions in Pakistan to follow.

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