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Following Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s electoral victory, Pakistan has undergone yet another massive revolution.

The initial 3 months phase (100 days) has come to an end and we have witnessed an active government making decisions and taking prompt action on prevailing issues.

From foreign affairs, economic crisis management, welfare work on provincial levels to encroachment activity on the national level, the government is not sitting idle.

From a bird’s eye view, the government, judiciary and the armed forces of Pakistan are on a single page -a sign for a brighter future!

Having said that, we must not forget that Pakistan stands on the pinnacle where there are economic challenges along with opportunities knocking on the doors of the nation.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is already underway with heavy investments in Pakistan and the debt burden will fall on the shoulders of citizens if the money invested isn’t promptly utilized.

The rupee has been devaluated and the higher value of the dollar is bound to impact inflation in the country. While the current budget deficit has been addressed for the short term with the help of allies, it is not the ultimate objective. Therefore a lot needs to be done by the sitting government while putting forward timelines of deliverables for a clearer picture.

PTI’s slogan and ideology of #NayaPakistan itself are all about minimizing corruption, strengthening the system, giving rights to common people for a prosperous Pakistan. If we as a nation want to bring in real change, we will have to change ourselves, our approach, thought the process and setting priorities.

For a stronger Pakistan, the local industry should be given an edge while imported goods should be avoided as much as possible. If its imported raw material or expertise that is not available in the local market then it’s our need but if its a luxury item like imported chips or any product then this becomes a want which is avoidable.

I would now blow my trumpet at this point and break my silence on the great divide mentioned in the subject line prevailing in the society. When I say “Great Divide”, I mean divide among the common people of Pakistan in terms of social pressures, mindset, rich and poor disparity, the difference in terms of our actions and what we talk about.

Sadly, we do not respect the law yet we want a stronger system, we break the signals yet we talk about the bad traffic situation. We happily encroach the street yet we say the streets are cozy.

We enthusiastically register our kids for private pre-schools when they are conceived and become part of the rat race (while ignoring the importance of home education) yet we tend to protest against the hegemony of private schools that fee structure is too high!

We claim to be the lovers of Holy Prophet S.A.W still our actions cause inconvenience to our fellow countrymen. If we won’t start owning our country and pledge by actions to make Pakistan progressive, greener, corruption free then this “Land of Pure” cant practically be made as was envisioned during independence.

We as a nation anticipate reincarnating Pakistan and making it reach higher, our people want to break the dungeons of corruption, improve the system but at the same time we do not want to come out of our comfort zones.

With increasing inflation and tough times of economic situation in the country, we are making things difficult for our own selves. Be it overpriced lavish schooling for our coming generations, events on weddings and to everyday expenses in our lives, the capitalistic mindset prevailing in society.

It pressurizes individuals to maintain a certain standard of living while sacrificing peace of mind which is not wrong but this makes us deviate from the core objective.

Pakistan has a strong value and culture system which is weakening as we tend to undermine ourselves when compared to the west. Pakistanis are without a doubt talented and are among the happiest people in the region (despite all the problems) but we aren’t utilizing these key traits for our progress.

To sum it up, Pakistan is the land of opportunities with many areas untapped (one of them being tourism) which makes the idea of Naya Pakistan practical and Utopic. But at the same time if we as citizens need to work sensibly and free ourselves from the “Great Divide”.

Maintain a sense of nationalism while showcasing through actions like a true patriot! Blow your whistle if you see anything wrong become a responsible citizen by filling taxes as we have a new government in the system which has aroused us. If we urge for better Pakistan then we must act accordingly.

We should expect from the new government to perform as we have elected them,  but at the same time, we need to submerge the great divide for our own good and work for Naya Pakistan in cohesion.

Contributed by: Hassan Javed, Deputy Brand Manager, Kenwood, and Homage

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