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Nawal Saeed revealed who she secretly admired on set, after appearing as a guest on Zabardast With Wasi Shah. Nawal catches the spotlight ever so often after her guest appearances on talk shows. The talented Pakistani actress has done it once again, and this time it was on Zabardast With Wahi Shah, Eid transmission.

Recognized for her skills and talent, Nawal is highly praised for her performance on Jaan E Jahaan. Nawal graduated from the University of Karachi and made her acting debut in 2017, with an Urdu drama ‘Suno Na’.

The actress stated, “There was a time when I once did develop feelings for a co-star while working on a romantic project. But it wasn’t something that lasted.”

Here is everything she had to say:

Nawal Saeed And Noor Hassan Sparked Dating Rumors

As a part of this industry’s routine, Nawal has had to work with numerous artists. After being paired with the star Noor Hassan, speculations rose about their relationship. It reached the extent of dating rumors eventually. Recently on the talk show Nawal Saeed revealed how her feelings got involved after working together with a particular co-star.

Both Noor and her have spoken about each other highly. Moreover, they have collaborated on multiple projects together too. Noor commented on Nawal’s beauty and intelligence, highlighting that their relationship was deeper than what appeared. Yet, neither ever confirmed nor denied the rumors.

On the show, Nawal emphasized the difficulty of managing emotions while working on set. She explained that after spending 12 continuous hours delivering cheesy romantic lines to each other, you’re bound to catch some feelings. Eventually, when you move past the shooting you realize that this is not the same person and those feelings fade away.

Though her romantic feelings were short-lived, she highlighted the importance of maintaining professionalism and mutual respect in such situations.

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