Nausheen Shah Throws Shade At Aamir Liaquat & It’s On Point

nausheen shah
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Nausheen Shah has always presented amazing works throughout her acting career. Whenever she is seen in public she maintains a presence that exudes sophistication and elegance. A case in reference would be when Yasir labelled her as an uninvited guest to his wedding. She only clarified her side of the story and then stopped discussing it further to ensure no more fuel is added to the fire. This personality was invited to Jeeway Pakistan hosted by Aamir Liaquat.

Jeeway Pakistan – Aamir Liaquat

Looking at some of the past episodes of this show, it is clear that Aamir Liaquat invades the personal space of his female guests physically as well as through his dialogues. And in such a show was Nausheen Shah invited so how she navigates it would definitely be something one would watch.

When the show began and Aamir had to introduce Nausheen Shah, it was fine. He spoke of her personal history, her family, and she was fine with it. But then, as expected, Aamir Liaquat Hussain started deviating from the paved way, and through subtle comments, Nausheen Shah had to take jabs at him.

Instances from the episode

1. First instance

Aamir Liaquat: Chhat pe charh k pathhar partey hain 

Nausheen Shah: Harkaten na kren na esi (He should not carry out such acts that leads to these outcomes.)

2. Second

Nausheen acted out Aamir Liaquat’s infamous Nagin dance saying that he gets too carried away by emotions.

3. Third

Aamir Liaquat: Bhabi to bn jayen begum banne ki jaldi hai

Nausheen Shah: That’s your area. Aap ki bohot linain set hain

Here she threw shade at Aamir Liaquat’s third marriage rumors.

Have a look:

Well well well Nausheen. Good one!

This comes right after Saboor Aly called him out on his show for his questionable acts and statements.

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