National Stadium is the official cricket ground of Karachi and has also been the heart of many iconic and legendary cricket matches. And let’s be honest, having a cricket stadium of your own is a significant flex for the people living in that city. But what happens when that cricket stadium doesn’t live up to its name and fame? Whose fault is it? Who is to blame? Who will fix it? And for how long will it stay like this? All such questions and more have been ringing in cricket fans’ minds since last night after a viral tweet.

Image Source: The News International

On 4th of May, the fourth ODI match between New Zealand and Pakistan took place in Karachi’s National Stadium. The stadium was filled with New Zealander fans and Pakistani fans obviously. However, they were not welcomed by a pretty sight when they went to the prayer area. The disappointment of fans wouldn’t have come to light if this one user on Twitter wouldn’t have shared the view of the prayer area. Here have a look.

Ali Asad, a Twitter user uploaded two side-by-side pictures of the stadium’s entrance and the prayer area. The difference was very much visible, shocking, and disappointing. The user even expressed his concern and anger saying that this was no way to treat spectators especially when it is an international match.

Who Is To Blame?  

When such a huge and grand event is conducted somewhere, there is the possibility of something going wrong and that is acceptable but what is not acceptable is that no one takes responsibility for the wrongs but everyone runs to take credit for all the rights. Similarly, who is to blame for this irresponsibility? Fans questioned PCB and authorities.

Now hypothetically speaking, if we do move on and stop the blame game, then who is going to own up and get this fixed as soon as possible so further disappointment can be avoided? Fans have lost all hope and think no one will. Many users commented saying that now no one can blame the Karachi crowd for not showing up. They believe that for a good crowd turn up, all facilities and the environment should be spot on. Only then will people show up and be happy about showing up too. Have a look at what some fans had to say.

One fan is so done with this treatment, they are waiting for the Bahria Town Stadium to finish building.

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