national foods World Environment Day
Image Source: British Council

Global warming is affecting the world big time. We continue with our toxic actions in hopes to maintain our current lifestyle. However, we forget that this may be a paradox. We want to keep living the lives we are living but in order to do that, we continue destroying the environment. When the environment is completely destroyed, will that world even be worth living in? National Foods realized that and decided to do their part this year on the World Environment Day.

World Environment Day

On the World Environment Day, this year, National Foods Limited took a major step as part of their beliefs of ‘Being Responsible’ and ‘Leading by Example’. To save nature, the company optimized the Recipe Mixes’ packs to reduce its carbon footprint & paper usage by 25%. Because of this measure, the company will be saving a large number of trees every year.

Not just that, National Foods also started a digital trend on the day to encourage people regarding planting trees. The trend is sure to enable most people in reducing their carbon footprint.

National Foods passed the torch to celebrities & influencers

Amongst celebrities, it was Iqrar-ul-Hasan and Fakhr-e-Alam. Both of them took to Twitter announcing their pledge of planting a tree. The idea in their message was simple; this was an investment in saving the future and they conveyed it with the hashtag #letsplantourfuture.

Influencers also came together to move this issue forward. Not only did they acknowledge and appreciate National Foods, but they also shared their own efforts for making the environment greener.

To ensure that this effort gains momentum, the company sent starter packs for planting trees to many influencers. The starter pack was not only cute but very utility oriented as well. It contained three types of seeds: sunflower, cantaloupe, and okra. It also had a pot in which you could plant these seeds. With that were National Foods special recipe mixes packs.

The speciality, however, was how eco-friendly the boxes the products came in were. They were made with seed paper! As the name suggests, you could plant the paper itself to get a tree back from it. Isn’t it poetic; returning back what was taken from the nature?

It did happen!

On World Environment Day, the movement picked up the hype and social media was brimming with the relevant hashtags; #WorldEnvironmentDay and #LetsPlantOurFuture were the top two trends on Twitter.

With influencers participating in the challenge of planting trees, it seems much more likely that the general public will also follow suit.

Brands, especially the one with reach to the masses, have a responsibility; the responsibility to discuss and if possible, rectify situations. National Foods accepted it by ensuring that this won’t be their last input in saving nature. Aside from enlightening the general public reminding them about common man’s responsibility, they are also collaborating with the government and WWF regarding tree plantation and reforestation. In the same capacity of playing its role for sustainable environment, National Foods is co creating reusable bags with NOWPDP-Shamil.

National Foods, it is clear, is playing its part. But are we? Are we doing everything in our power instead of dumping it all on authorities?

All may not be lost, yet. Yes, global warming is on the rise; there is pollution; the sea level may be rising, but we can still take on the lantern ignited by National Foods and play our part in saving nature. Remember, every seed counts. So, today, plant a tree for good luck. Plant a tree tomorrow for winning a project. And the day after tomorrow, plant a tree for your child. Keep it going. Even if you lose some trees, or even if you lose almost all the trees, at least one will survive. You will have done your part.

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