Indian actor, Naseeruddin Shah, recently expressed his opinion on Pakistan and the languages spoken there and claimed that Sindhi isn’t spoken much in the nation which offended almost all the Sindhis in Pakistan. After receiving an immense amount of hate and criticism he has now offered an apology to the Sindhi-speaking population in Pakistan. Here have a look.


The Apology

Shah acknowledged his lack of knowledge on the subject and openly admitted his mistake through a post on Facebook. He stated that he sincerely apologizes to the entire Sindhi-speaking population of Pakistan, whom he had deeply offended with his misguided opinion. Furthermore, Shah also had something to say for himself. He questioned whether it was necessary to face such severe criticism for his error, quoting Jesus by saying, “Let him who is free from…” The actor then concluded his Facebook post by sarcastically saying that he found amusement in being labeled as “ignorant” and a “pretend intellectual” after years of being mistaken for an intelligent person.

His Original Statements 

Naseeruddin Shah made these “ill-informed” comments during a promotional interview for his latest television series, Taj. In the interview, he claimed that Pakistan no longer spoke Sindhi, claiming that they primarily spoke Balochi, Bari, Siraiki, and Pushto. Along with the Pakistani social media users, Pakistani actress Mansha Pasha, Yasir Nawaz and Danish Nawaz also defended the Sindhi language. Along with her the Nawaz brothers also sarcastically humored Naseeruddin Shah.

This sort of rivalry between Bollywood and Lollywood celebrities is not new and definitely not anything that cannot be expected in the future. Fans were clear on which side they were picking. Well, what are your thoughts on this?

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