Looks like Naseem Shah is no longer only winning hearts when he’s out on the fields. Recently, an adorable heartwarming video of Naseem Shah spending time with his young fans has gone viral over the internet. The international cricketer is only 21 years old and was called for the test series for the team in Australia when he was just 16.

Naseem belongs to Mayar Jandool which is a small town in the Lower Dir district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Shah’s father, Abbas Shah, was and to date is quite against his decision to play cricket, preferring him to concentrate on his studies. However, on multiple occasions, the cricketer has shared he was never interested in studying. Listing Mathematics as his least favorite subject in school.

Naseem Shah Gives Time to Little Fans

Known for his caring and bubbly personality, the cricketer has grown quite popular for his charm. Sharing details about his family, Naseem once shared that his grandmother isn’t fond of television, but calls him up when the Pakistan Cricket Team is against India. As you can probably tell, the call has everything to do with asking him to win.

Recently, a video of him staying back and signing autographs for 3 children is winning hearts. The clip shows Babar Azam getting into the lift but Naseem staying back and spending time with them. He even reassures the smallest one by giving him Babar Azam’s autograph as well. He stopped for a while and even took photographs. How noble!

Sonam Bajwa in Awe

message to naseem shah by sonam bajwa

Turns out, we’re not the only ones in awe. Sonam Bajwa, Pakistani actress, has also shared her adoration of the moment. She shared a short message on Instagram, stating, “This is so wholesome and cute,” and we agree! It really is.

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