Image Source: Instagram/NAPA.Karachi

The classical play will be presented from June 17th – 26th 2022 at Zia Mohiyeuddin Theatre, NAPA.

Romeo and Juliet is arguably the best work of Shakespeare, and one of the best plays of all time. People have seen it many times over the years, yet it always seems fresh and interesting. Karachi is ready to host its Urdu rendition at NAPA (National Academy of Performing Arts).

NAPA stages an Urdu rendition of a classical play every year, mostly some classic work of William Shakespeare or Sophocles’. NAPA has staged four plays by Shakespeare in the past. This year, they are presenting William Shakespeare’s classical play “Romeo and Juliet” from 17th June 2022 to 26th June 2022, at Zia Mohiyeuddin Theatre, NAPA.

This play is directed by Zia Mohiyeuddin and the cast of the play includes NAPA students and alumni. Zia Mohiyeuddin carefully handpicked all the artists for this play, there were some characters that he already had in mind. So, he just asked them to act in the play on his request, while, for other characters, he auditioned NAPA graduates.

NAPA has staged four plays by Shakespeare in the past. All the renditions were performed simply as Urdu translations of classic plays without taking their true essence out, and this year’s play would be the same staying true to its originality. Romeo and Juliet is an all-time classic and one of the most notable works of William Shakespeare, and it is translated into Urdu by Khalid Ahmed.

NAPA aims to provide quality entertainment to spectators of all age groups. Their marketing partner is Ishtehaari and the tickets are priced only at Rs. 1000, while student tickets are priced at Rs. 600. Romeo and Juliet is a famous work of Shakespeare, and in Zia Mohiyeuddin’s direction, it promises to deliver at its best.