smart id card

In Pakistan, renewing Smart National Identity Cards (SNIC) is vital for citizens to access various government and essential services promptly.

The National Database Registration Authority (Nadra) is the official body responsible for issuing and renewing ID cards. SNICs are indispensable for everyday tasks like opening bank accounts, property transactions, investments, and job applications.

An expired ID card renders individuals ineligible for services and job opportunities. The unique 13-digit identification number associated with SNIC is universally recognized across the country, required for obtaining licenses, National Tax Numbers (NTN), bank accounts, passports, and cellular connections.

As of April 2024, there are no changes to SNIC renewal fees. The standard fee remains Rs 750, with urgent renewal costing Rs 1,500, and executive renewal at Rs 2,500. SNICs are valid for 10 years, with renewal timelines starting upon Nadra approval. Delivery charges are not included in the mentioned fees.

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