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The famous host and actress Nadia Khan recently got in the news for getting remarried. Because, of course, people do not like to wish well on others, when getting to know she is getting remarried, they wanted to know how many times she was married before and how many kids she has, instead of just wishing her well.

Nadia Khan marriage

Anyway, she got married, and alongside her three children, she added two more members to the family, her new husband, and his son. Ever since then, OutstylewithNadia keeps posting pictures and videos of the two and their lovely interactions. So, of course, the fans want to know how they met.

Nadia, through her own channel, thus, decided to give an interview along with her husband. This is the first interview of Faisal, the Airforce man, and Nadia’s husband.

How did they meet?

Upon being asked how they met, they answered that it was the efforts of their mutual friends who thought that the two would be compatible. So to make them meet each other, they sketched a plan.

Nadia had asked for a makeup package that her friend sent through Faisal. Faisal was employed to drop the packet in Karachi at Nadia’s place. He says that he had assumed that the meet up would be 5 minutes long to give the package and be on his way. But then, when he actually met her, the 5 minutes meet up stretched over four hours.

But then what?

After that, Faisal did not have an excuse to contact her, and Nadia did not have time. But some time later, Faisal made up a scam excuse. One day, he just called her saying that he had forgotten his sunglasses at her place. Nadia, who had been locked on her sister’s terrace by mistake, started talking. And that call lasted for 8 hours.

Talk about cuteness overload!

Catch the full interview of Nadia Khan and Faisal here:

And within four months of their first meetup, they decided to get married. Well, when you find the one, you just know. We wish the two all the very best.

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