Nadia Hussain
Image Source: Instagram

Nadia Hussain is someone who has proved that you don’t just have to be an actress. She is a dentist, has her own makeup line, operates a beauty salon, and even owns a footwear line. Isn’t that all so cool?

She shared her account of how she acquired her wedding dress seventeen years ago.

So the story goes somewhat like this:

Nadia Hussain was invited to Nida Yasir’s famous morning show. On that show, Nadia shared how she fell in love with her wedding dress. It was a dress by an Indian designer Anamika Khanna who was in Pakistan for a fashion show. Nadia was a part of it. It was the time when Nadia was also planning her wedding. She saw the dress and just knew that this was it. But Anamika was flying the next day and the amount required for the payment was higher than what Nadia could withdraw from an ATM.

To make sure they got their hands on the dress, Nadia and her husband borrowed money from everyone they knew who could give them a loan. And at 4 am, knocked at Anamika’s residence. The dress was bought.

Even though we personally do not think the dress was worth it but if she was happy on her big day, then that’s all that matters.

Have a look at Nadia Hussain sharing the story

But is that the right way?

When you are someone that dynamic and someone who can afford it, you can totally go and get designer wear for your wedding. But given that the designer wear costs an arm and a leg, it’s very irresponsible to talk about the extent you have gone to buy it. And it’s even more irresponsible when you know that Pakistanis go beyond their affordability limit just to prove to society that they can throw lavish events.

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