Nabeel Shaikh, a tech expert and the founder of momentpin came up with the idea of momentpin back in 2011 when social media was rising. His years of research in the social media assumptions allowed him to bring a safe social media application to life with momentpin. A post graduate diploma in Advance Computer System Development from the University of West of Scotland, Nabeel Shaikh understood the technical challenges of the digital world and grasped the digital concepts better. His understanding of the social and virtual world helped him in developing a web application promoting online shopping before the market knew it existed. Nabeel’s work in several blue-chip companies gave him the exposure to interact with customers and learn their mindsets. The experience in these companies taught him why customers would ever contact companies like this and what they expect in return. His social work include charities and volunteering his time with children and youngsters. These activities allowed him to understand the needs of the new generation. His own experience as a father allows him to empathize with parents as well. This experience, exposure, and knowledge all together allowed him to have a better understanding of the digital social problems. momentpin was the solution to these problems altogether.