always kenya

In March this year, Kenyan women started a campaign expressing outrage over their experience with the popular sanitary pad brand, Always.

Comparing the brand with other sanitary pads, the campaign #MyAlwaysExperience by women claimed that the brand was selling a lower quality product that gave rise to vaginal rashes and infections.

What makes a case like this further difficult to comprehend is that, with a personal hygiene product, the experience can vary from person to person.

This can even make a user doubt their own experience by making them think that perhaps they’re the only ones going through it.

But when hundreds of women came out with the same complaint with one product, it became clear that the problem most probably lied with the product and not the user.

They also compelled the manufacturer, Proctor & Gamble to apologize for producing a harmful personal hygiene product like that.

The brand denied these claims, as expected.

However, they were forced to create a Twitter account for Always Kenya, on which it defended its product, saying the quality is similar to those in other parts of the world, “including Germany, UK, US, South Africa”.

Always is also a popular brand in Pakistan, and even though menstrual health awareness is not as high as it ideally should have been, Pakistani women have recently begun sharing their own experiences with the product.

Pakistani women are claiming that the occurrence of vaginal infections and rashes has gone down to almost zero after they stopped using Always.

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