Religious leaders from the Muslim and Christian communities in Pakistan made history by jointly appealing for global respect toward all holy books. In a groundbreaking event held at Jamia Manzoorul Islamia Lahore, the Chairman of Pakistan Ulema Council and President of the International Interfaith Harmony Council, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi, led the gathering and addressed the press conference alongside Muslim and Christian leaders.

Expressing their concerns over the recent incident in Sweden, where the burning of the Holy Quran took place, Ashrafi emphasized that no individual, community, country, or organization should have the right to desecrate any divine book or Prophet. He expressed gratitude to those who prevented the burning of the Torah.

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The Press Conference 

During the joint press conference, several religious leaders, including Allama Abdul Haq Mujahid, Maulana Muhammad Rafiq Jami, Pastor Emanuel Khokhar, and others, condemned the burning of the Torah, Zabur, and Injil following the incident involving the Holy Quran. They called upon the European Union and the United Nations to take immediate notice of the matter, legislate on it, and enact a law to respect the sanctity of all heavenly religions globally.

The religious leaders reiterated that Islam and other heavenly religions promote peace, security, moderation, and tolerance. They emphasized that the teachings of any religion do not endorse violence or extremism, and those who spread such acts are not true representatives of any faith. In collaboration with the Church of Pakistan, Pakistan Ulema Council, and International Interfaith Harmony Council, the religious leaders announced the launch of a robust campaign across Pakistan to promote interfaith harmony.

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Minorities And Religious Holidays 

Furthermore, the leaders affirmed that minorities in Pakistan have full rights, and their rights should not be infringed upon. They condemned a statement made by an Israeli delegate against Pakistan in the United Nations Human Rights Council. To maintain peace and order during the month of Muharramul Haram, all religious schools of thought pledged to adhere to the Paigham-e-Pakistan code of conduct, which advocates for respecting one’s own religious sect and refraining from interfering in others.

The religious leaders announced their plan to submit a memorandum to the representatives of the United Nations and the European Union in Pakistan, demanding global respect for the sanctity of all heavenly religions and the enactment of legislation in this regard. They commended Pakistan and Muslim countries for their resolution in the United Nations Human Rights Council regarding the burning of the Holy Quran in Sweden. They also expressed their commitment to continuing efforts at all levels to address this issue.

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