How Muslims Celebrate Eid Around the World

Eid ul Fitr is a joyous occasion for Muslims around the world. It marks the end of the Holy Month of Ramazan, in which we fast from sunrise to sunset. Abstaining from food water, being kind to one another and be grateful for everything we possess, are some keystones of this month.

The end of Ramazan is celebrated with Eid – a grand affair during which Muslims prepare feasts, visit relatives and rejoice. Muslims across the world celebrate in their own unique way. Here’s a look at the way some countries commemorate the occasion.


After Ramazan is over, Indonesians observe the tradition of Grebeg Syawal which involves offering vegetables, peppers, eggs and other items terms ‘Gunungan Wadon’ to the people. These items are brought to the Grand Mosque symbolizing alms from the Sultan to his people. Receiving these is believed to be good luck in the year ahead.


Afghanistan has a fun way of celebrating Eid. Families buy 200-300 eggs. Boil them and paint them in various colors like yellow, red, purple. They then gather in a large open space and try to crack each other’s eggs. The game is called ‘Tokhm Jangi’.


In Turkey Eid is known as ‘Seker Bayrami’. Little kids go door to door wishing people and receive traditional sweets in return. Adults visit relatives and ask for forgiveness. They also pay respects to the dead by visiting graveyards.


In Egypt, Eid is celebrated for four days. A large feast is organized mainly with fish dishes. Other items on the menu include Fata, a combination of rice, meat, onions and vinegar and Kahk a kind of cookies.


The people of Iraq prepare a dish called Klaicha made with nuts and dates for Eid. Iraqis love sweets so the entire occasion is filled with different kinds of sweets which the people share with their loved ones.


In UAE, the entire country comes together to celebrate. Several traditional shows are set up for families to enjoy. Theme parks are decorated and shows put on display like tanoura dance shows, magic shows, beauty stations etc.


The entire occasion of Eid in Mauritius is centered around Biryani. After the morning prayers, families get together and enjoy the delicious dish as an afternoon meal. 


In Pakistan, Eid ul-Fitr is known as meethi Eid. The celebrations last three days during which people prepare a sweet dish made with vermicelli. They get together with relatives and adults give money to young ones as Eidi.


In Iran after the Eid Namaz, people go to each others house and ask for forgiveness. It is also a tradition that is there is a dead in some family, that family will be the first to serve food and will be visited first by relatives. They pay respect to the dead by visiting graveyards. The celebration is mostly low-key. 

Saudi Arabia

In the days leading to Eid, people work towards beautifying their homes. They buy new furniture, renovate their houses. On the day of Eid people after the morning prayers gather at the oldest relatives house and have a meal. 

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