Pakistan’s youngest, most thriving YouTube vlogger Shiraz, recently uploaded his last vlog. He shared his father’s concerns about his education and general well-being overall, inevitably encouraging him to quit his channel. However, just now Muskaan, Shiraz’s little sister, posted some clips on their Facebook book. Netizens are suspecting that quitting might have been just a publicity stunt.

The two saw lucrative success in their vlogging era. Being able to purchase a car, travel, and even get an invitation to the States from Google. The two saw almost all. That too at a very young age.

Shiraz used his talents to step into the limelight and show the world the beauty of Pakistan, specifically his town. But he showed not just the beauty of it, but also the struggles.

Muskaan Shares A Mini Vlog

Muskan made her debut with these clips. She posted on May 24th, “Muskaan Ki Golu Molo”. It was the most adorable mini vlog, and we can see that inspired by her brother, Muskaan is now following in the same footsteps.

Muskaan captioned her vlog, “Main Fir Say Agai Wapis” which, as per netizens, clearly points to a scam. Had the two quit, why is Muskaan posting again? Or was it just a publicity stunt to bring more attention to Muskaan’s first solo vlog? We aren’t sure.



In her debut vlog, you can see Shiraz’s little sister adorned in her cultural jewelry. She is wearing a hat bedecked with stones. Moreover, her vlog is mostly just her walking around her village, speaking into the camera on and off. Her childlike innocence comes out in the video completely. We see her zoom into, or stop walking, around all things that fascinate her. Be it cows, goats, or even abandoned toy bikes.

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Mahnoor Rashid
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