Muneeb butt and fifty shades of grey
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The drama called Mohabbat Ek Saza has garnered quite a lot of fame and attention from the time the teaser was released. However, many people have had a lot of mixed opinions on it from the start. Some of them have thought it might have controversial elements, whereas other people have stated that it will be a good watch. While there can be such elements in it, Muneeb Butt has recently come on record to explain those elements.

According to sources, Muneeb Butt claims that the director of the drama serial wanted him to watch Fifty Shades of Grey. Yes, from the news, it seems that the director wanted his character to be inspired by Christian Grey from the film. Netizens have had quite a lot of reactions on this piece of news.

Muneeb Butt and Fifty Shades

While there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other pieces of literature, one must pick their options wisely. Fifty Shades of Grey itself is not considered a well-written piece of literature and the film ranks even lower. However, the undertones present in the film have given it a form of cult following in groups. Netizens have had various hilarious reactions to this news, taking it in good humor.

It seems that the role he was offered for this drama serial was quite different from the ones he’d usually done. His other roles had been done of characters who are emotionally young. This one would have him playing one who is much older and emotionally mature.

Reaction to muneeb butt
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Even if one talks about age, the actor has played younger positive characters between the age of 25 and 30. He also stated that it is tougher to act older than his own age since he does not know how he will be in a couple of years.

Choosing Mentors

There are quite a lot of actors out there from whom inspiration can be taken for mature roles. The actor from the Fifty Shades film is not the best one to take after. If one intends to learn mature roles, they can study methods employed by A-Listers. These A-Listers include Robert Di Nero, Christian Bale, Leonardo Di Caprio and many more. Marlon Brando is considered a legend in the industry, it is recommended to look up his work.

Netizens have expressed their point of view on selecting better actors to gain inspiration from. While the drama is still being talked about, let us see how well the role is portrayed once it actually comes out. The channel hosting it is known to host some great modern drama serials, thus we can always hope!

inspiration on Muneeb Butt
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The channel hosting it is known to host some great modern drama serials, thus we can always hope!

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