Urdu1’s Mujhey Jeeny Dou continues to strike a chord in the hearts of the viewers. Its power-packed storyline is like no other and the last episode surely left us in tears!

The whole village just could not digest Saira’s refusal to marry Naseeb. The little soul gets blackmailed, threatened and even starved so that she could say yes to the proposal.

The men in her life beat and lock her up, ignoring the fact that she is just a child. She screams and pleads to be freed. However, no one listens to her wails.


To make things worse, her father warns her that he will kill the baby if Saira doesn’t agree to marry her sister’s husband.

Naseeb was clearly outraged at the young bride’s audacity to say ‘No’. However, the role of ‘molvi sahab’ in the drama gave us a little hope that there is still some faith left in the society.

We also got a glimpse into Yasmeen’s life in this episode. While Shaheen gets constantly beaten up by her husband, Yasmeen appears headstrong and does not let her partner torture her. She is tough but has a heart filled with love for those in need.



Meanwhile, the police put Mamdu in jail for beating his wife and killing their unborn child.

The episode ends with Naseeb makes its clear to Saira that he just married her so that she could take care of Tipu and she should do it all with all her heart.

The promo of the next episode shows that Tipsu gets lost in the village and Naseeb attacks Saira for being neglectful.

Truly, Emaan Sher as Saira has wowed us with her acting! At such a young age, she has aced her role and made us cry along with her in every scene

Watch the promo for the next episode here.


For those who don’t know, Mujhey Jeenay Do airs on Urdu1 every Monday at 8 PM.