Electric Motorcycle Pakistan

MS Jaguar has become the first Pakistani automotive assembler to have made an electric motorcycle in the country.

The company has used it own design for this model. From the controller to the charger, and even the battery pack has all been assembled in the plant.

In Pakistan, there is a popular design of motorcycles which is used by big manufacturers like Honda.

Because there is an ecosystem for the design and the parts are more easily available, the look and feel of the electric motorcycles are almost the same shared Usman Sheikh from Auj Technologies.

If the average bike costs Rs. 4,000 for maintenance at about 40-50KMs, this bike will cost just Rs. 500 claimed Chaudhry Zahid Chairman MS Group.

One of the best features about the bike is that is does not make loud noises nor does it spread unfriendly carbon into the environment.

The future is electric and its important for everyone to play their part in helping to make Pakistan green again.

Watch the full video below:

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