Black and neon have taken over the internet! These two duos are all we’ve been seeing recently whether it be on Instagram or on the roads too!

If your timeline is anything like ours, you’re probably just as curious about all the Mountain Dew branded helmets you’re seeing. Everyone has one and we’re totally jealous. They look like they’re gearing up for something EXTREME!

Mountain Dew has been doing a bunch of cool activities lately. There was their extreme Cholistan x Careem activity where they brought a badass rally jeep to the streets of Lahore.

And who can forget the Mad Block Decent Party in Islamabad, where we turned up till dawn!

Mountain Dew Brought the Biggest EDM Festival ‘The Mad Decent Block Party’ & it Was Lit!

Mountain Dew also pushed us to challenge our fears in their thrilling VR experience!

Needless to say, we’re super excited to see what they’ve come up with now. They’re dropping all the hints and we can’t wait for the big reveal. Knowing Mountain Dew, it’ll be something THRILLING and jaw droopingly EXTREME!!!

We want to get our hands on one of these black helmets! Don’t you?

Comment below on what you think Dew is up to! Your guess is as good as ours!

We have put on our thinking caps to figure out what the brand is preparing us for!

If you also want to solve this mystery, then don’t forget to keep an eye out for the hashtag #dewmotoextreme!