Portal Esports

Mountain Dew has given gamers based in Pakistan an epic opportunity to earn a pool of money simply by playing their favourite games!

After 3 consecutive days of challenges, wins and fails at Portal Gaming Center Lahore, the Mountain Dew Gamers Arena has welcomed their first finalists.

With more qualifiers to play in the future, the Portal Esports were excited, nervous and zipping with adrenaline, when they took the victory home, after competing with 31 other teams from Lahore.

Mountain Dew Gamers Arena

Team leader Captain Zaki Nasir, a.k.a. Killnt took his team to victory, but it’s not over yet!  Portal Esports will now be competing against in the grand finale with the winners of qualifiers from Karachi, Islamabad and other major cities of Pakistan.

Zaki shared that he is extremely thankful to Mountain Dew for giving his team the opportunity they got and “this platform could change the face of gaming in Pakistan”. He and his team got the fuel they needed to prove their mad skills by keeping themselves hydrated on Mountain Dew.

Mountain Dew Gamers Arena has yet again opened its door for its gamer fans in Pakistan. While people might have thought PC gamers to be quiet, the Dew Gamers Arena has proven otherwise: this weekend saw all DGA gamers being excited, passionate and loud!

With one qualifier successfully under their belt, let’s see what other epic activities Dew has in store for the future.

How To Register For Mountain Dew Gamer’s Arena 


Here are the steps to register for the competition:

  1. Go to the website – www.dewarena.pk
  2. Find ‘Register’
  3. Enter Captain, team and player(s) details
  4. Enter subsitute details
  5. Select ‘Submit All Details’ to proceed

The next Lahore DGA qualifier will be of Dota, #AreYouGame? Register now! #DewGamersArena


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