How many Pakistani films in the last decade have made you do something that you always wanted to do? None.

How many Pakistani films in the last 5 years impressed you without being over-budget? None.

How many Pakistani films in the last 1 year have made you say Wow while being in the cinema? None again!

Adnan Sarwar’s Motorcycle Girl makes you chase your dreams while staying within the budget and impresses on every level.

It is one of those films that you get in return for ‘all good things come to those who wait’, and you waited for Motorcycle Girl.


Zenith (Sohai Ali Abro) has a dream of fulfilling his father’s dream of going to Khunjrab via motorcycle and then returning to Lahore; there are bumps in her dreamy ride including a boss who doesn’t like her despite her being a vital member of his team, a fiancé who cares more about his mother and New York than Zenith and Pakistan; a grandmother who mindset is lost in the last century, a van driver who loves to have a good time with women around and her inability to ride a bike to top it all.

Motorcycle Girl opens to public in cinemas across Pakistan today! I believe we have made an honest, highly entertaining and sensitive film with Sohai Ali Abro delivering a once-in-a-generation acting performance. I also believe it is a remarkable collective achievement for Independent Pakistani Cinema to create a film of this caliber in less money than it costs to make an average 30-second corporate television commercial. This would not have been possible without Jami Moor and his team, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan and all the other people who worked on this film for little or no money. You know who you are! This is an important film! Our cinema needs such films to do well if we are to have a future. Go and watch it with your family over the weekend. "IF" you like what we have created, tell the world!! We have done our part. It belongs to you now. Own it! -Adnan Sarwar @adnansarwar2020 🙌🏻 #motorcyclegirl #motorcyclegirlmovie #AdnanSarwar #sorrynotsorry #girlpower #pakistanicinema 🏍🇵🇰♥️

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The girl not only learns to ride a bike but shames all those who stare at women than doing anything else by taking a trip her father wanted to when he was alive.

How she manages to do that is what makes Motorcycle Girl a memorable journey.


The film has been co-produced by renowned advertising man and filmmaker Jami who has helped Adnan Sarwar in making a classic film for the years to come.

Yes, there are no song and dance numbers in the film and that’s the beauty of it.

The script is very tight and despite losing the way at some places, it bounces back and wows the audience with a smashing climax that no one was expecting.

Ride or die. 🎬 #motorcyclegirl 🐾

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Acting wise the film belongs to Sohai who amazes with her acting skills and similarity with Zenith, on whose story the film is based.

Then there is veteran Samina Peerzada, Shamim Hilali, Sarmad Khoosat, Ali Kazmi among others who help Zenith become the Motorcycle Girl, in their own way. The cinematography of the film makes you want to go to the Northern Areas and never return and when that happens in case of a film, success follows.

Verdict 3.5/5

Adnan Sarwar produced Shah a couple of years back and won praise from all over – Motorcycle Girl proves that his first attempt at filmmaking wasn’t a fluke and he is one of those progressive filmmakers who believe in promoting our heroes and educating the audience at the same time.

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It was a brave move to adapt Zenith Irfan’s story into a movie and even braver attempt to make Sohai Ali Abro act as a person rather than characters, as her roles were in Jawani Phir Nai Ani and Wrong No.

If he can make a film in less budget than that of a TVC, then why others can’t, that is the question.

The film is not just a project but a movement that will end up with women riding bikes all over Pakistan and ending their dependency on men, hopefully helping Pakistan in the longer run.