Money Heist Alba Flores
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How many of you are hooked to Money Heist or the cast in it? Well, recently, we learned that Alba Flores has more talents than just being a boss on TV. Nairobi from Netflix’s popular show ‘Money Heist’ goes synonymous with the concept of matriarchy in recent times.

She is a character who is adored by countless people. Alba won so many hearts when she appeared in Money Heist with her top-notch acting skills and also left many hearts shattered with her death, followed by the epic funeral scene.

However, we stumbled upon a clip featuring Alba, who is speaking fluent Telugu, and the social media is singing her praises. The video is from a 2013 Spanish TV movie titled ‘Vicente Ferrer.’

The plot of the movie revolves around a man who is determined to restore the dignity of the Dalits in Anantapur – a city in Andhra Pradesh, India.

The movie narrates his life after returning to India in 1969. The plot also unfolds how Ferrer is exiled from Spain after being deemed as a threat to influential leaders and their interests.

In the clip, Alba speaks the native language of Andhra Pradesh, which is Telugu and is wearing a bindi, jhumka, and a saari.

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It’s incredible how one can ace the roles which are poles apart from each other and startle the audience.

Money Heist revolves around eight thieves and a criminal mastermind who manipulates the police to carry out his plan. The show is Netflix’s most-watched non-English language series since it is original; it is only available on the Streaming platform. Fans are looking forward to the release of its fifth season, which has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The actress also gave a speech in which she said,

“For some people in the team, with some people of the team, it’s been many years. I want to thank you all for everything you’ve taught me. I’ve grown here as an actress, more than I ever imagined I would and as a person. You’re a f**king amazing team. F**king amazing. I hope to film with you 16,000 times more. I will miss you.”

Her ability to transform into an avatar is worth applauding. 

Let us know if you have seen Vicente Ferrer and if you enjoyed it because we’re certainly watching it very soon.

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